Jaycee Creed

That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life;

That the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations;

That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise;

That government should be of laws rather than of men;

That earth's great treasure lies in human personality;

And that service to humanity is the best work of life.

61st Consular Ball


with special recognition to the

Republic of Turkey

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Since 1952, members of the Houston Junior Chamber of Commerce (the "Jaycees") have organized Houston's official celebration of its distinguished consular corps and the diplomatic and trade ties they provide between Houston and the rest of the world. The celebration takes the form of a series of business, cultural, educational, and diplomatic events, known collectively as the Consular Forum, which culminates in an annual formal and diplomatic honors banquet attended by members of the city's ninety-one country consular corps and by political and business leaders from across the state of Texas and around the world.


The Consular Forum has three distinct objectives: first, it offers an opportunity for the entire city of Houston to celebrate its truly distinguished consular corps (the 3rd largest diplomatic corps of any American city); second, the Consular Forum is designed to help promote opportunities for international trade with the featured country; and finally, because understanding of and respect for international differences are essential prerequisites for successful international commerce, the Consular Forum's concluding banquet is a fund-raiser for the Houston Junior Chamber of Commerce Foundation*, which uses the proceeds to support international education programs, scholarships, and internships at the Houston International Protocol Alliance, the Institute of International Education, Rice University and the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy, the University of Houston, the University of St. Thomas, and other institutions and organizations in the Houston area.

The Featured Country

Although the Consular Forum celebrates all of Houston's consular representatives, each year, one country is chosen for special recognition; the Consular Forum events then are themed around this featured country, offering unprecedented opportunities to showcase its economy and culture to the business and political leaders of Houston, Texas, the fourth-largest city in the United States of America. The featured country of the 2012 Consular Forum is Turkey . During 2012, all Consular Forum events and activities will highlight Turkey.


The Consular Ball – Saturday, November 3, 2012

Held at the Hilton America’s Hotel in Downtown Houston, this formal diplomatic gala serves as the concluding ceremony for the ten-month Consular Forum season. The Consular Ball features all of the protocol courtesies appropriate to the rank and station of its distinguished diplomatic honorees. We are happy to have government representatives from the featured country, their U.S. counterparts, and the Houston consular corps honorees and their hosts (representing many of Houston's largest corporations) taking part of an evening of dining and themed entertainment, which also serves as a fund-raiser for international education programs, the Institute of International Education, Rice University and the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy, the University of Houston, the University of St. Thomas, and other institutions and organizations in the Houston area.

The Consular Forum Business Conference – Friday, November 2, 2012

Held a few days before the Consular Forum's concluding gala, the Turkey-Houston Business Conference showcases the economy of the featured country and promotes opportunities for trade and investment between Turkey and industries throughout Houston and the State of Texas. The conference concludes with a luncheon at which a senior governmental representative of the featured country is invited to give a keynote address. After the luncheon, the afternoon is available for one-on-one business meetings between participants from Houston and the featured country.

The Ladies Tea – October 10, 2012

An occasion designed to introduce the ladies of the Houston Consular Corps to their respective hostess counterparts. This year it will be hosted by the President of the University of Houston, Renu Khator and First Lady of the City of Houston, Kathy Hubbard at The Wortham House.

Tolerance: A Turkish Ceramic Art Exhibit – July 2012

This collection of Turkish ceramics is in the United States for a limited time and has won numerous awards, including the best in show at the 2012 NCECA Conference in Seattle. The show was a huge success thanks to the support of our sponsors and 4411 Montrose, an art gallery in the Museum District. More than 2,000 art enthusiasts visited.

The Consular Forum 2012 Announcement Reception – May 15, 2012

This reception formally inaugurates the series of Consular Forum events, which will showcase the honored country. Guests include members of the Consular Corps of Houston representing ninety-four sovereign nations, officials of Houston city government, and senior executives from the major corporations based in Houston who serve as hosts for the Consular Forum's concluding gala. This event was graciously hosted by Gene and Astrid VanDyke.

Consular Forum Educational and Cultural Events

An important outgrowth of the Consular Forum is a series of educational and cultural events, which are produced in Houston with the assistance of the culture and tourism ministries of the featured country in the months leading up to the trade conference and the Consular Forum's concluding gala. Examples of typical events include university lectures, film festivals, art and photography exhibits, and musical and dance performances.

Trade Delegation Trip to Turkey

In June, a group of Houston business executives and active Houstonians traveled to Turkey to visit with Ministers within the government, business owners and trade specialist that focused on strengthening our relationship with Turkey. We visited Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir to name a few.

Ribbons Ceremony

This event occurs every year within two weeks of the Consular Ball in order for sponsors to meet the Consul General from the country in which they are sponsoring. This is a great opportunity to visit with the Consular Corp in a more private setting and to receive the ribbons that the host shall wear during the Consular Ball. This year it will be hosted by Consul General Aydin of Turkey at his residence.

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*The Houston Junior Chamber of Commerce Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Consular Forum donations are therefore tax-deductible to the extent allowed by United States law